So many thoughts on Chip Kelly…

Obviously we expect a great offense that revolutionized college football. His spread, no huddle, fast paced offense had teams on their heels and scored quick and often. Much of it based off a zone read option with a dual threat QB, which seems to fit perfectly with Modster or incoming freshman DTR. Not to mention how Soso/Bolu would thrive.

As he puts together his new staff, would like to see Angus McClure and Demetrice Martin retained as they have recruited some great talent. On the offense, i like the improvement in the WR i saw from Jimmie Dougherty, and though we all like what we saw from OC Jedd Fisch it is highly unlikely to fit within CK’s offensive style.

The hire itself was a week long drama as we beat out Florida, and got the most desired coach on the market. Not only that but got it all done in less than a week which is amazing in itself. Initially i was skeptical and thought CK might be using us to get more money out of Florida, but as the week progressed it was clear to me UCLA was just a better overall fit. Quite honestly at $4.6 million per year is a great deal for a coach with 46-7 record.

The only downside was the sanctions that he left Oregon with for using an illegal recruitment service. UCLA has generally run a very clean program so this is a big no-no for my diehard fans and i share some reservation s here as well. I am hoping the UCLA and athletic administration can provide the oversight to prevent any issues here as well as UCLA having a natural recruitment advantage because of location.

For recruiting, the word is that CK doesnt like it, but with the early signing period we are seeing him already meeting with recruits. Not only that, on Twitter we are seeing a lot of support from existing commits.

What we cant deny, there is an excitement like no other for a new head coach coming into UCLA. Its going to be a wild ride with National signing day, Spring ball, and fall camp to analyze, speculate, and dream of the next season to come.

Oregon Coach Chip Kelly:”Hey, will you shut up?”